Troop 282
District K ● Northern Star Council
A Chartered Organization of the St. Louis Park, MN Lions Club

Troop 282
meets Monday evenings during the school year
at 7:00 P.M.
We meet in the
Fellowship Hall of
Spirit of Christ Community Lutheran Church,
5801 Minnetonka Blvd.
St. Louis Park, MN.
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Troop 282 Philosophy

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Troop 282 is an Adult-Guided Troop

Our kids are capable, often more capable than we, their parents, would ever suspect. To give every Scout a chance to develop their potential in Scouting, it is critical that we not do for a Scout what they can do for themselves.

But we still have a role. We are there to provide a safe environment for them. No Scout should ever be put into physical or emotional danger. Under the supervision of the Trained Adult Leaders, we try to create an environment where every Scout feels safe to try new things.

When a Scout feels comfortable trying new things, and when they succeed, there is a greater growth of self-esteem and pride for having done it themself (or as a group of “only” Scouts). The Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters are always nearby, cheering every Scout's success and encouraging all others as they continue their efforts towards success.

Because of our roles in the troop as overseers, Troop 282 expects any adult interested in working with the Scouts in a guidance role to complete some basic Adult Leadership Training. Parents are required to complete Youth Protection training.

The Scouting Program has been developed over 100 years, and has created a very effective program. When the adults are working from the same philosophy, the program will benefit. The Scouts will better understand their role as leaders without adult input, while the adults will present a consistent and appropriate level of guidance. Scouts learn a great deal just by watching the way adults conduct themselves.

Troop 282 participates in Community Service regularly

We believe that Community Service is a fundamental pillar of Scouting. Troop 282 is involved in many projects throughout the year. Every Scout, living the Scout Oath, Law, Slogan, and Motto has promised to help others. By working together, we can have fun and set an example to others and, at the same time, we fulfill our pledge to be in service to God and each other.

Since we are always looking for new ways to support our community, we encourage all members of the Troop (youth and adults) to suggest new service projects to the leadership.

Troop 282 believes that three-quarters of “Scouting” is Outing

Troop 282 believes that the outdoors is the best place for Scouts to meet the challenges of Scouting. Much of Scouting is designed for the outdoors, in a setting where Scouts can find real adventure. Troop 282 has overnight campouts most months, except for December, during the school year as well as any number of other outdoor day activities.

We also go to Many Point Scout Camp the last week of July. We try to have one low adventure trip (a trip for all ages) and/or one high adventure trip (a trip for senior scouts) each summer. Everyone of these outings is an opportunity for a Scout to increase their self reliance and proficiency in camping skills.

They will learn and practice the principles of Leave No Trace, and learn how to live with minimal impact on the environment. The Scout will also have the chance to learn other skills. Some common activities from the past are nature study, astronomy, conservation, fishing, canoing, and wilderness survival. There is always plenty of hiking, swimming and, of course, outdoor games.

There is more to life than Scouts

As important as Scouting can be in helping youth gain confidence, accomplish goals, and grow into an adult; we know they have other individual and family interests. Church, school, sports, music, and other personal goals can conflict with scouting activities.

We want each Scout to take advantage of all opportunities. No Scout is ever penalized for missing a meeting. That being said, a Scout will only get out of the program what they put into it.

Our scouts participate in many activities outside the troop including school sports, National Honor Society, school government, ScoutsBSA National Youth Leadership Training, Grey Wolf, and the Order of the Arrow, the National Honor Society of the ScoutsBSA.

Fund Raisers and Mandatory events

Troop 282 has several mandatory events during the year that all scouts must participate in. These include trailer and camping gear cleaning, and the troop Waffle Breakfast. Scouts and parents are required to participate in our annual Christmas tree lot, our major fund raiser for the troop.

The Christmas Tree Lot and Waffle Breakfast are the reasons our parents don't receive a bill when the troop needs to replace the troop tents, patrol boxes, cooking ware, and the troop trailer. It is also the reason that our parents don't have to pay the camping fees for weekend camping trips. Scouts only pay for food and any extracurricular activity fees such as Putt Putt.