Troop 282
District K ● Northern Star Council
A Chartered Organization of the St. Louis Park, MN Lions Club

Troop 282
meets Monday evenings during the school year
at 7:00 P.M.
We meet in the
Fellowship Hall of
Spirit of Christ Community Lutheran Church,
5801 Minnetonka Blvd.
St. Louis Park, MN.
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The Purpose of Troop 282

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Youth join Scouts with great expectations. Some can hardly wait to join a group of older kids and go hiking, camping and have a chance to explore the great outdoors with their friends. In no time, and often before they realize it, they are learning how to take care of themselves and respect the people and environment around them.

They are building Character; developing their values and their decision making skills. They are learning Leadership; interacting and working with others, both peers and adults. Soon, they are improving their Fitness, getting stronger and developing mental, emotional and spiritual maturity to take on a variety of individual and group challenges. All the while, they are practicing good Citizenship by working with and being in service to others. Eventually, they become one of the 'older kids' that are managing the Troop and helping teach the next group of 'new Scouts.'

It is the objective of the Troop 282 Scouting program to develop these four basic traits:

  1. Character - the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.
  2. Leadership - helping others succeed; working with others to meet an end.
  3. Fitness - strength in body, mind and spirit to overcome any challenge and achieve any goal.
  4. Citizenship - contributing to a community, with energy and talents, by helping others.

Through organized training, instruction by older scouts and guidance by adult leadership in a value-based program, scouts grow into young adults with the confidence and maturity to clear any hurdle and meet their goals. They will be well on their way to becoming responsible and successful adults. And it will happen while they are out hiking, camping and exploring the outdoors with their friends. All while having fun!

Ideals of Scouting

The ideals of Scouting are stated in the Scout Oath, the Scout Law, the Scout Slogan, and the Scout Motto. All Scouts in Troop 282 are expected to strive for these ideals and to incorporate them into everyday life. At the same time, the Troop will continue to promote and engage in activities that embrace these ideals.

The Scout Oath

On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law: To help other people at all times: To keep myself physically fit, mentally awake and morally straight.

The Scout Law

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

The Scout Slogan

Do a Good Turn Daily.

The Scout Motto

Be prepared.

Troop 282 Philosophy

Troop 282 follows the ScoutsBSA scouting program as outlined by the National Organization's official training. But we have, over the years, tried to emphasize certain aspects of the program that we feel are of particular benefit to our Scouts:

Troop 282 is a Boy-Lead Troop

Youth work together to plan meetings, outings and activities. We believe that the greatest growth and experience comes from leadership responsibilities. And because leadership is a skill that is best learned by doing, every Scout is given many leadership opportunities throughout their years in Scouting. It is important that each Scout learn not only how to lead, but also how to follow, work together and succeed as a team.

Troop 282 promotes the Patrol Method

The founder of Scouting, Lord Baden Powell, believed that the Patrol Method is the vital core of Scouting. The Patrol is a small group, similar in age and experience that help each other and work together to help the Troop. They plan their meals, cook and camp as a unit. They choose a name, design a flag and create a yell for their patrol to create a sense of pride and identity. It is the tightness of this building block that creates the ultimate strength of the Troop.