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District K ● Northern Star Council
A Chartered Organization of the St. Louis Park, MN Lions Club

Troop 282
meets Monday evenings during the school year
at 7:00 P.M.
We meet in the
Fellowship Hall of
Spirit of Christ Community Lutheran Church,
5801 Minnetonka Blvd.
St. Louis Park, MN.
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Scouts Camp at Baylor Park
Visit Onan Observatory

Troop 282 Scouts went camping at Baylor Park. Their first night included exploring our universe through the telescopes at Onan Observatory.

Onan Observatory includes some of the largest telescopes in the Midwest. They had the opportunity to view the Sun's surface, see Sun Spots and solar flares.

After an interesting presentation by one of the Onan Observatory volunteers, they viewed Venus, the rings of Saturn, and other celestial bodies.

The remainder of the weekend included swimming, rank advancement, and a whole lot of fun.

What takes 4.22 years, from Earth,
to reach the star system Alpha Centauri
but takes 1 million years plus 8 minutes to
reach Earth from our sun?

The Answer: Light!!!?
Light photons are created near the center of our sun. They bounce around taking one million years to reach the sun's surface, 8 minutes to travel to Earth, and 4.22 years to reach our nearest star system, Alpha Centauri. The sun light you see today was created one million years ago.

Scouts Earn Zero Hero Award

Scouts headed to the North Woods to learn the art of Winter Survival at OKPIK, Northern Tiers High Adventure Camp, northeast of Ely, Minnesota.

During their three days there, they learned they could sleep under the stars (in sleeping bags), stay warm in a snow shelter, and all about the high calorie meals that are required in a cold climate. They also learned to travel by dog sled.

Their first night under the stars, the temperature dropped to -18 (that's minus 18) earning them the Zero Hero award. The next day, they got up early to feed the dogs and clean the dog pens. They loved taking care of the dogs, several of whom had been on sledding teams in the Iditarod. Zero Hero Requirements

During a 24 hour period of a campout, each of the following must occur:
     1. The temperature must fall below ZERO degrees Fahrenheit.
     2. The individual must sleep outdoors in a temporary shelter (tent, lean-to, or snow shelter) from taps to reveille.
     3. No heat except campfire is allowed.
     4. Cook outdoors over a campfire of wood or charcoal at least two meals by patrol or individually.
     5. The campout must be a scheduled activity of the unit.

After a high calorie breakfast, the Scouts learned how to prepare the dogs
to pull the sleds, got the dogs attached to their sled, and were off for a
morning of "Alaska Cruising".

They mastered the sleds and after a hearty lunch, were manning the sleds

The next night found the Scouts inside Snow Shelters where the temper-
ature  inside was a balmy 30° when the front opening is covered.
The temperature outside was -13 degrees.

The next day found the Scouts traveling through the woods with their sleds. This time, a lot more travel, a lot less holding on to a tipped-over sled where the dogs wanted to keep going...even without the driver.

Every Scout said that OKPIK was the best camp that they had ever been to. This Assistant Scoutmaster was surprised. There was a lot of work and the extreme temperatures made me think that this would be the last place a kid would want to be.

This is one camp that the Scouts plan to come to again. I highly recommend every Scout to take advantage of this great camp in Minnesota Great North Woods about 2 miles from the Canadian border.

Visit the Northern Tier website at Norther Tier for more information.