Troop 282
Mustang District ● Northern Star Council
A Chartered Organization of the St. Louis Park, MN Lions Club

Boy Scout Troop 282
meets Monday evenings during the school year
at 7:00 P.M.
We meet in the
Fellowship Hall of
Spirit of Christ Community Lutheran Church,
5801 Minnetonka Blvd.
St. Louis Park, MN.
Please use the
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Boy Scouts of America, Troop 3282 (referred to as Troop 282) is the oldest of the Boy Scout troops in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota.

Troop 282 was originally chartered in December, 1944 at Elliot School. Little is known about the troop during that period but at a recent Memorial Day ceremony with the American Legion Post 282, the Commander said that their Post started Boy Scout Troop 282. The charter was dropped in 1965.

The Troop was re-chartered in June of 1969 with 5 scouts at Lenox School. Lenox PTA was the chartering organization until the 1974-75 school years when the St. Louis Park MN Lions Club became the chartering organization. The Troop then changed its meeting location to Peter Hobart School and then to its current location at Spirit of Christ Community Lutheran Church. The original Troop of five scouts grew to fifteen scouts within a year, and now has a roster of 27 scouts.

Troop 282 earned a reputation for high adventure camping, and in recent years, the Troop has sponsored multiple trips to accommodate the boy’s preferences.

The troop has several major fund raisers each year to help scouts earn money for these trips and for our camp outings. These include the sale of wreaths, nuts, popcorn, and State Fair mini-donuts at several events. 

The major fund raiser benefiting primarily the troop is our Christmas Tree Lot in November and December. These profits go to pay major troop expenses such as new tents, patrol boxes, cooking equipment, as well as offset camping costs. The troop's Charter Organization, St. Louis Park MN Lions Club pay the scout's annual registration fees to the Boy Scoouts of America's National Council as part of their Community Service.

During the Troop’s current existence, there have been nineteen Scoutmasters: Dave Apold, who re-chartered the troop in 1969, Tom Richards, Dennis Anderson, Al Krough, Joe Casey, Dale Klinkhammer, Rom Jurewicz, Roger Mann, Steven Hagen, Mark Foresman, Rom Jurewicz, a second term, Stuart Thomas, Tom Muralt, John Johnson, Mark Gerold, Dan Myers, Peter Mesick, Jeff Hickstein, and Billy Anderson.

During the first twenty years, we know of only one Eagle Scout, Frank Fleetham, Jr. in 1959. Our first Eagle Scout would go on to be Mayor of St. Louis Park, MN. Troop 282 has sixty scouts who have the distinction of earning the Eagle Scout rank. Only 6% of all scouts worldwide have earned this award

Eagle Scouts of Troop 282

During it's history, Troop 282 has had a higher than the national average of young men who have earned the rank of Eagle Scout. The Eagle rank is the highest rank that a scout can earn. Only six percent of all Scouts, worldwide, who have participated in the Scouting program have earned the Eagle rank. The following Troop 282 scouts have earned this distinction.

1 Frank Fleetham, Jr 1959   29 Dan Wilder 2001   57 Eric Hickstein 2017
2 Scott Apold 1972   30 Joseph Miller 2001   58 Jonathon (JT) Seaman 2017
3 Jon Apold 1974   31 Christopher Tatarek 2002   59 William Huyck 2017
4 Bill Kirschner 1974   32 Mark Marek 2003   60 Ryan Gemilere 2017
5 Jim Folley 1974   33 Nick Okonek 2003        
6 Tim Folley 1974   34 Eric Kelley 2003        
7 Mark Comeau 1975   35 Aaron Hagen 2004        
8 Darrell Richards 1980   36 Charles Magrew 2004        
9 Don Bratland 1981   37 Mark Miller 2007        
10 Jeff Anderson 1984   38 Max Johnson 2008        
11 William Schwartz, Jr. 1985   39 Jeff Studenski 2009        
12 Kent Mein, Jr. 1989   40 Alex Johnson 2010        
13 Casey Johnson 1989   41 Michael Chase 2010        
14 Alan Long 1990   42 Nicholas Olson 2010        
15 Jeff Mein 1992   43 Matthew Cichoski 2010        
16 Jon Casey 1993   44 Shane Boettcher 2010        
17 Jon Lipp 1994   45 Tommy Barrett 2011        
18 Gus Hallman 1995   46 Donald Stephens 2011        
19 Paul Miller 1998   47 Austin Mack 2012        
20 David Tatarek 1998   48 Madison Christensen 2012        
21 Michael Fischer 1999   49 Mitch Rotert 2013        
22 Patrick Marek 1999   50 Luke Cichoski 2013        
23 Mark Klinkhammer 2000   51 Jacob Mattson 2013        
24 Dan Westrud 2000   52 Ben Sixel 2014        
25 Chuck Donkersgoed 2000   53 Jordan Gemilere 2015        
26 Eric Jurewicz 2000   54 Zachary Conati 2016        
27 Eric Mann 2000   55 Caleb Mesick 2017        
28 Daniel Stephens 2001   56 Carl Ell-Egermeier 2017